A boutique management experience  Personal - partnerships - profitability


HPP US  was originally started as Synergetic Solutions in 1997,  primary focus was sales and marketing. We landed our first big deal in  2001, an operations contract for four hotels.  
2002 – 2005 saw solid and consistent growth at a rate of one additional property per year.  
January  2011 re-evaluated priorities, focus and direction.  We ended  relationships with those hotels and/or ownership groups that did not  meet the quality levels or the commitment that our organization was  founded on.  With our growth we began to focus on solely those hotels  and owners whose focus met ours.  
2014 created strategic  partnership with Canadian based management company, ABB Hotel Management  Group Inc., to form Hospitality Property Partners US and Hospitality  Property Partners Canada.  
ABB Hotel Management Group Inc.  launched in 2011 to develop and manage hotel projects, bringing together  over 90 years of combined Hospitality experience.  With the guidance,  leadership and experience of Arnold Brown and his company ABB  Hospitality Associates Inc. (formed in 1991), we have successfully  built, owned, operated and managed numerous hotels for private ownership  groups over the past 30+ years.     
Our experience is  diverse and includes every facet of the hotel business from acquiring  land to the daily operations. Design, Construction, Project Management,  Development, Financing, Real Estate, Restaurant Concepts, Food &  Beverage, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Revenue Management,  Customer Service Training, Accounting.  
As of April 2014  Hospitality Property Partners US & Canadian Divisions have received  the Management Company Endorsement of Best Western International Inc.